Prospective Students

My Philosophy about Working with Students

“Focus on the students, since graduating great students means you’ll produce great research, while focusing on the research may or may not produce great students.”

Prospective Students

I am always on the lookout for hiring self-motivated PhD students to work on topics related to software engineering. You can see our research in detail in the Publications. Currently, I am focused on two major research topics: 

How to Apply?

Qualifications: programming, problem-solving and communication skills.

A degree in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering is expected. However, if you have a major in adjacent areas (e.g., electrical engineering, mathematics, physics) and have a programming background, you are also encouraged to apply. If you come from a completely different area, you should justify (with strong arguments) in your cover letter why you want to switch to software engineering.

If you are interested in joining my research group, please contact ( and include:

Important tips: